Dra Orlanda Varela González PhD


Colegiado: nº 282853908


Experiencia profesional

Médico Psiquiatra en SINEWS MTI SLP
- marzo 2008 -


Doctora en Psiquiatría en Universidad Complutense de Madrid
- febrero 2000 - junio 2003

Licenciada en Medicina en Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
- septiembre 1992 - junio 1998


I have worked as a psychiatrist in the private practice setting for twenty years now. Something I love about being a general psychiatrist with training and experience in kids and adolescents is that I see a wide variety of clients of all ages with different problems. Given that SINEWS is a clinic with an international approach, I have been as lucky as to treat people from more than a hundred nationalities and different religions and ways of life. I personally love diversity and think a diverse world is a better place to life at.
As a doctor I have my own philosophy when prescribing medication: the less the better and I always aim to finish the treatments as soon as it is possible whenever it is (of course, there are chronical disorders but most of the depressive and anxious symptoms are transient and can be better approached through a combination with psychotherapy. I also specially care about side effects and I am very aware they can make a treatment not worthy so I am very open to listen to my client's complaints and always willing to find a better alternative for them.


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