Sarah Somian



Experiencia profesional

Nutritional Coach en Sinews
- October 2018 -

Holistic Nutritionist en
- January 2012 -

Natural Beauty Expert en Perfect Potion
- January 2015 - January 2016


Bachelor of Psychology & Behavioural Sciences en McGill University
- January 2005 - January 2009


Welcome to my profile here on Sinews Online!
I am so excited to help you reach your health goals through my nutritional coaching services.

Here is a little gist about me:

My career in Nutritional Coaching started back in 2011, while I was still studying Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching in Toronto, Canada. Back then, I was learning so much about Nutrition and its effects on the health of our bodies, Nutrition & its impact on the environment, Nutritional Science, Positive Psychology, Intuitive eating, etc ... that I needed a place on the web, where I could share all that I was learning with my friends and family.

After receiving my diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching, another passion grew within me: travelling. And so, I packed up everything and started my crazy adventure around the world for 3.5 years. During that time, I wasn't really active on DVL as my travels really occupied all of my time. However no matter where I went, my interest and curiosity for Holistic Health never left me. I was learning about new ways to take care of the body naturally all around the world and it just made me fall in love even more with this health field.

Fast forward to 2016, when I turned my passion for Nutrition, Natural Health & Coaching into my present day career path. That's when I started to coach clients 1-on-1
and I also picked up several opportunities to teach workshops and group cooking classes where I lived.

I am so excited to meet you and guide you with your own health goals as my primary purpose is to inspire, motivate and coach you on your journey to vibrant health and delicious living.

You see, I truly believe that anyone can reach and maintain perfect health. Yes, that would include you as well.

Trust me, I speak from both personal and professional experience here: Vibrant health IS your birth right!

I am here to show you that with a positive mindset, nutritious foods, and a healthy lifestyle, you will get there too.

Talk to you very soon!

Sarah Somian.


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