Eva Katharina Herber


Colegiado: nº M-24949


Experiencia profesional

Psicóloga y Coach en Sinews MTI
- diciembre 2011 -

Responsable de Formación en IEPP
- mayo 2011 -

Profesora Adjunta en IE Business School and IE University
- noviembre 2012 -


Positive Psychology Coach en Positive Acorn
- enero 2015 - abril 2015

Strengths Profile Practitiones en Centre of Applied Positive Psycology
- abril 2013 - abril 2013

Experto en Psicología Positiva en Instituto Europeo de Psicología Positiva
- septiembre 2013 - julio 2014

Core Essentials Graduate en Coach U
- febrero 2011 - abril 2012

Licenciada en Psicología en UNED
- -


My work as a Psychologist and Coach revolves around three main pillars: Clinical Psychology, Strengths Coaching and Positive Psychotherapy.

(1) As an accredited Strengths and Positive Psychology Coach I work with adults who want to increase their wellbeing and performance through interventions that empower their strengths and psychological capital. By understanding your strengths and exploring how to use them in a strategic and optimal way, many life and professional goals can be reached with an increased sense of wellbeing and energy.

(2) On the other hand I work as a clinical psychologist with clients from all over the world, giving support during important life and career transitions like studying abroad, adapting to a new culture, workplace changes, starting a business or becoming a parent. I focus on identifying unhelpful habits and coping mecanisms that have originated and maintain the challenges, to then establish strategies that combines the identification of personal resources with the necessary cognitive and behavioural tecniques that will support optimal functioning.

(3) Last but not least, it is important to know that I use insights from Applied Positive Psychology in everything I do, which means that I am very happy to address topics like meaning in life, growth in times of hardship and the use of positive emotions and mindful attention to increase joy and flourishing.


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