Lucía Largo Almoguera


Colegiado: nº M-31747


Experiencia profesional

Psicóloga Bilingüe en Sinews MTI
- enero 2016 -


Licenciada en Psicología en Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
- enero 2008 - enero 2012


Since I was born I was exposed to two different worlds but also in certain ways very close: Spain and the United States. Biculturalism was part of my emotional heritage: I understood by listening to the stories of my family members about the emotional difficulty of emigrating. As well as the enrichment they felt from having lived in several countries and being able to express themselves in several languages.

Later, when I was 12 years old, together with my family we moved for some time to live in Portland, Oregon. There I experienced for the first time in my own flesh what it means to adapt culturally and also, how difficult it is to say goodbye to your new friends and to a place that you also consider your home.

During my teen age years, I discovered that I loved listening to the stories of others: I empathized with their moments of suffering and I was happy with their stories of resilience and improvement. Among other things that's why I decided to study Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain).

I always thought I understood my knowledge better if I put it into practice. That is why I combined my years of university studies with volunteer work in different sectors and NGOs: eating disorders, childhood and youth (Red Cross), psychological attention by telephone (ANAR), gender violence, among others.

After finishing my studies at university, I specialized in Clinical Psychology studying a master's degree in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy at the Bertrand Russell Center (Madrid). There I learned the specialized treatments of different difficulties: derived from anxiety, depression, personality disorders, eating behavior disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, etc.

Later on, my cultural curiosity led me to move to Japan for a while, where I got involved in an ONG called ‘Peace Boat’. There I was selected as a collaborator in innovative projects, like for example, with children with serious difficulties of social phobia (hikikomori).

When I returned to Spain I started working at Sinews MTI and thanks to the incredible team of colleagues I have, I continue learning and enjoying my profession. In Sinews I combine my activity in clinical psychology for adults, children and adolescents with psycho-pedagogical evaluations for children and adolescents. I also combine my work as a psychologist for two American universities in Madrid with training activities in aspects related to mental health. I am interested in working with people with difficulties in cultural adaptation, duels, mood disorders, problems of social relationships and anxiety.


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