Miriam Mower


Colegiado: nº M-31662


Experiencia profesional

Psychologist en Sinews
- enero 2016 -


Post-graduate in “Especialista en Terapia cognitiv en (UNED)
- septiembre 2016 - junio 2017

Post-graduate in “Experto en Psicopatología y Salud” en (UNED)
- febrero 2015 - septiembre 2015

Graduated in Psychology en (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
- septiembre 2009 - junio 2014

Masters in Contextual Psychology en MICPSY Institute
- octubre 2019 - octubre 2020


Miriam Mower is the daughter of a British couple that settled in Madrid over thirty years ago. Her bicultural background includes education in a British school (Kensington School).

Throughout her university years, Miriam always took an interest in Clinical Psychology and all its fields, from addictions to child psychology. During this time she also developed investigative tasks in these areas, collaborating with the Department of Personality, Assessment and Clinical Psychology of the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. In fact, this was reflected years later when her Masters dissertation project was an experiment on the changes in attention due to different emotional states.

Miriam is experienced in a wide variety of clinical contexts since she has collaborated in different areas: private clinics, hospitals and a local council scheme for women’s support. In this way she has gained experience in diverse problems, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, emotional dependencies, and so on; always from a cognitive-behavioural orientation.

With Sinews, Miriam has been trained in assessing cognitive and learning problems in children and adolescents, both in English and Spanish. As a daughter of teachers, Miriam is closely involved with the educational team at SINEWS, giving support in bilingual schools.

Not limiting work to clinical practice, she also runs courses on different topics such as social skills, body image and self-esteem.


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