Saray Calíz


Colegiado: nº M-31452


Experiencia profesional

Psicóloga en Sinews MTI
- marzo 2017 -

Psicóloga en Gabinete Psicopedagógico Marta Valcarcel
- septiembre 2016 - diciembre 2017

Psicóloga en ICPR
- junio 2013 - marzo 2014


Licenciada en Psicología en niversidad de Almería
- septiembre 2008 - junio 2013

Psicóloga en prácticas en Sinews MTI
- marzo 2016 - marzo 2017


always knew that I wanted to work helping others, so when the time came,
I did not hesitate for a second to enroll in the psychology degree at the
University of Almería, where I studied the first 4 years of my degree.
In 2013 and after finishing my degree in Poland while enjoying an Erasmus
scholarship, I decided to take another big leap and moved to collaborate
for a year with the Institute of Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation in
After this enriching experience, I decided to move to Australia for a year
to experience first-hand what it meant to live in a new culture far from
home. On my return to Madrid, in 2015 I enrolled in the Master's Degree in
General Health Psychology and after months of effort and continuous work I
was selected to do my internship at Sinews. After a year of learning and training in Third Generation Therapies at the hand of Lidia Budziszewska I joined the team of therapists, where today I continue to practice my profession.


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